The Instructor Guy offers customized training for your business, school, or congregation's security and medical response needs.  

Active Shooter & Workplace Awareness Training: The Instructor Guy works with businesses of all sizes & industries to provide training and awareness to employees and management staff.   Additionally, training and certifications can be provided to new or existing security officers.  Do your managers, employees, and security staff know what to do in a crisis situation?  How would you expect them to handle an irate employee, an upset & threatening customer, or an active shooter on your premises?

Medical Response: We offer CPR/First Aid/AED training along with medical response team planning and scenario drills.  The Instructor Guy provides additional services in order to keep your company OSHA compliant regarding health and safety standards relative to First Aid supplies. National Safety Council estimates that in 1997, there were more than 80 million lost workdays due to unintentional injuries. The astounding cost to American businesses was $127 billion, or an average of $980 per worker.  Invite our team to help you prevent and properly handle workplace accidents. 

Church Security: We offer scenario training on-site, licensing training for all security officers commissioned by your church, guidance regarding insurance coverage for both your church and your security officers, handling typical church disturbances, preparing for the unusual threats, taking on active shooters, and more.  Course work offered provides all mandatory training requirements as laid out by the DCJS of Virginia and upon completion of the training, each participant may then apply through Virginia as an armed security officer.This training not only protects your church, but your security team as well.  Licensed Armed Officers will be able to detain offenders when necessary and are well respected by local law enforcement. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting.  We are happy to customize a training for your church regardless of size or location in Virginia.

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